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Welcome to Tolly's Ark -

my online Photo & Art Library.


You can view my recent Photographic and Glass Artwork in the 'Gallery' pages, or browse through photographs in the 'Library' pages.







Please bare with me while I try to re-construct my website! In the meantime you can view my glass artwork on my new website www.thebowerhousegallery.com which is also under construction but at least you can view some images!


Don't hesitate to phone or email with any enquiries.




From 5th March '08 I will be taking part in an exhibition of photography at William's Art, Gwydir St, Cambridge.


13-16th March '08 my Glass work will be represented by Cafe Jello at the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London. I will also be exhibiting at the Cafe Jello Gallery, Magdelene St, Cambridge.




All the photography on this website is for sale and where there is one photo - I am likely to have others. Please e-mail for sizes and prices. Photographs are available as prints and can also be mounted or framed to suit. They can also be supplied on CD and some are available as slides. Some photographic quality is lost to enable speedier viewing.


Please email enquiries to: Tolly@Tollysark.com

or phone on: 01223 890 385

© Tolly Nason 2004

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